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First Friday: A Story. A Song. An Activity.

January 2024: “The Rainbow Fish”

It’s an exciting First Friday of January at Crystal Stairs, Inc.! Today, we are thrilled to release our Read Along video of “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, along with a special musical treat and a creative activity that’s sure to delight your children.

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November 2023: “The Dot”


Join Vashti on her transformative journey in “The Dot” 🟠 by Peter H. Reynolds as she overcomes her belief that she can’t draw with the encouragement of her teacher.

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October 2023: “The All Together Quilt”

Join us for an enchanting literary journey this First Fridays as we celebrate the captivating narrative of “The All Together Quilt” by the talented Lizzy Rockwell. This month’s selection promises to warm your hearts with its poignant tale.

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September 2023: “I Love My Hair”

Welcome to our First Friday Read Along! Join us for a heartwarming reading of “I Love My Hair!,” the enchanting tale of Keyana and her nightly hair combing ritual with her loving mother.

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August 2023: “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of children’s literature with the timeless classic “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

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July 2023: “Yesterday I Had the Blues”


In this month’s activities, we’ll learn how moods can change from day to day and discover the power of love in brightening our days.

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June 2023: “It Looked Like Spilt Milk”


Sometimes it looked like a rabbit and sometimes it looked like a birthday cake. Sometimes it looked like an ice cream cone and sometimes it looked like a tree.

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May 2023: “Are You My Mother”


“Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman. Join us as we read this classic tale of a baby bird in search of his mother, and in search of home. Follow along as we share his journey, find out how he makes it home, and discover who he meets along the way.

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April 2023: “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly!”


Join this month’s #FirstFridays read along as we celebrate National Poetry Month with a story that is also a poem. Although this classic story has many versions and variations, you don’t want to miss the ending of the one we have selected! Children, parents, and caregivers are all welcomed and encouraged to playfully wonder… What WOULD happen if an old lady swallowed a fly?

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March 2023: “The Bad Mood”


Use this month’s story as an opportunity to start a conversation about mood as Badger’s experiences show the power of cultivating mindfulness during our interactions with others. Children, parents, and caregivers can all learn what to do when experiencing a “bad mood” sensation.

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