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The Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)

The Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) focuses on capacity building and quality improvement of home-based family child care & license-exempt child care.

CCIP includes effective outreach, technical assistance, professional development training, incentives and resources for all participants.

A CCIP participant is anyone who is interested in or is already providing child care in a home including all of the following:

  • Family Friend Neighbor (FFN) Caregiver or Nanny (License-Exempt)
  • Person interested in becoming a Family Child Care (FCC) Provider
  • Individuals working towards FCC licensing.
  • Licensed FCC Provider:
    • Has a small or large license.
    • Is an operator or assistant.
  • Expansion Licensee – FCC Provider who expands their capacity in one or more of the following ways:
    • Re-opening licensed home
    • Providing care to Infant/Toddlers
    • Expanding from a Small license → Large license.
    • Expanding to provide care during non-traditional hours

CCIP strengthens all Home-Based Child Care, however, CCIP is not for people who are exclusively a parent or guardian.

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