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We are here to help you. Our subsidized child care program is designed to provide families access to quality child care and development services that best meet each family's needs. Visit our Portal to get support today!

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“You can't do this alone. That's the first thing. You cannot do it alone. You hear the old cliche saying that it takes a village to raise a child, especially when you're a grandparent. We need to all to come together to enrich and lift these children and make sure that they know they are loved. Reach out. Because the help is here.”

- Lorna Young, Family Services Enrollment Specialist -

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Lita Brown

Empowered by Child Care Support, Achieving Academic Excellence

Meet Lita Brown, a determined single parent who found her way to success with the help of the Child Care Subsidy program—a lifeline for working parents seeking quality child care support.

As a hardworking single parent, Lita faced financial hurdles that seemed insurmountable at times. Balancing work responsibilities while ensuring her two-year-old, Cam, received the best care was no easy feat. But her determination to provide a better life for her son led her to discover Crystal Stairs, Inc. Child Care Subsidy—a program designed to support parents like her.

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