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September 2021: “The Best Mariachi in the World”

“The Best Mariachi in the World” by J. D. Smith and illustrated by Dani Jones

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month we will be reading “the Best Mariachi in the World” by J.D. Smith. Then, after the story reading, join us for a special song and a hands-on children’s learning activity. Children, parents, and providers all welcome!

Themes: The Sound of Mariachi; Celebrating Latino Heritage through Music


Lesson Activity: “DIY-Paper Tube Maracas”

Repurpose these items to create child-sized musical instruments!

Be creative. Make music. Have fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper tubes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Noise maker “filler”
    •  (*ex. beans, rice, dry pasta, birdseed)

Decorate paper tubes by layering and gluing colorful pieces  of tissue paper onto the tube. Seal one end, fill with your  noise maker “filler” of choice and seal the other end.

*Be mindful of the children and families in your program when selecting your noise maker “filler”)

Now you are ready to join the band!!


Sing-Along Song: “If I Had a Mariachi” with 123 Andres

Connect to Latin culture by listening to a mariachi band like the one in the story while introducing children to the English and Spanish names of the musical instruments in a traditional mariachi band.

Watch the video together with children as they distinguish between a trumpet, a guitar, and a violin to determine which instrument makes their favorite sound


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Artwork by Synthia Saint James