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July 2023: "Yesterday I Had the Blues"


First Fridays Read Aloud: “Yesterday I Had the Blues” by Jeron Ashford Frame

Are you ready for an exciting exploration of moods and colors? Join us as we dive into the wonderful world of “Yesterday I Had the Blues” by Jeron Ashford Frame. In this month’s activities, we’ll learn how moods can change from day to day and discover the power of love in brightening our days.

First Fridays Learning Activity: “Moods and Colors” Squeegee Painting

“Moods and Colors” Squeegee Painting “Every child is an artist…” – Pablo Picasso

Instructions for Squeegee Painting – Moods and Colors Learning Activity:

  1. Gather materials: Get a large paper or canvas, non-toxic paint (red, blue, green, etc.), a squeegee or old credit card, and a protective covering.
  2. Set up workspace: Cover the area, make materials accessible.
  3. Prepare paints: Place different colors on a palette, Ramekin/cup, or plate, and discuss associated emotions.
  4. Demonstrate technique: emphasize creating dots and lines with lots of paint on the canvas or paper area. When the paint is done, show how to use the squeegee. For the best results, you’ll want to demonstrate pulling it down or across in one motion rather than multiple motions.
  5. Encourage creativity: Let children freely experiment with colors, squeegee strokes, and layering to express their emotions.
  6. Discuss artwork: Have a conversation about their paintings, emotions, and color choices.
  7. Display and celebrate: Let the artwork dry, display it proudly, and consider sharing photos on social media with #CSIFirstFridays and tagging @CrystalstairsLA.

Note: Ensure supervision and child-safe materials during the activity.

Sing-Along: “Colors Song” Gracie’s Corner

The Colors Song is a great way to teach young children the colors. Join Gracie and her family as they take a vacation to Jamaica and teach Baby Cee-Cee the colors of the world! This is definitely a fun and educational tune that can be enjoyed. For free learning activities and Gracie’s Corner merch, check out Also, this song is now available on all streaming platforms.

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Artwork by Synthia Saint James