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January 2023: “What The Road Said”

First Friday – Read Along Book “What The Road Said” by Cleo Wade

Which way do I go? Where does the path lead? What if I go the wrong way? This month’s story reminds both children and adults that although we may never truly know where the road will lead, the choices along the path (both right and wrong) are ours to make. The key is in remembering to just keep going, taking one day at a time. Theme: Creating and Following Your Own Path


First Fridays – Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity

Grab your sidewalk chalk and head outdoors to create a group chalk mural as children design, draw, and learn to follow their own path.

*Sensory Hack*

Cover the chalk with masking tape, or provide a chalk holder for children who find the sensory feel of chalk off-putting.

Sing-Along: Ease on Down the Road The Wiz Soundtrack Universal Pictures

Turn up the music and dance along with this playful, upbeat reminder to keep moving forward as you learn to take one step at a time, stay on the path of your choice, and ease on down the road!


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Artwork by Synthia Saint James