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Community Voices Ambassadors

Community Voices (CV) Ambassadors

Each CV Ambassador acts as a liaison for their organization. These ambassadors partner with Community Voices in relation to advocacy efforts within the Early Childhood Education (ECE) domain. They play an integral role in our advocacy campaigns, including digital initiatives, drafting letters, conducting phone outreach, and arranging discussions with legislative representatives.

Why Become a CV Ambassador?

In becoming an ambassador, you will:

  • Join a network of like-minded and supportive agencies who share like vision and goals to champion for affordable and equitable child care for our communities
  • Gain access to exclusive resources, trainings, and opportunities to enhance your ECE advocacy, skill sets and public policy knowledge.
  • Input with direct impact on the policies and decisions that affect your agency’s policies and your community at large.
  • Amplify your voice and the voices of those you serve!
  • Receive recognition and appreciation for your parent and families’ contributions and achievements in meaningful and impactful advocacy opportunities with legislators and community council members in revitalizing civic engagement Los Angles countywide.

How to Become a CV/CCALA Ambassador?

Take the next action step:

  • Complete the application. (CLICK HERE)
  • Attend a virtual orientation session where you will learn more about Community Voices/ CCALA, and your role as an ambassador in February 2024.
  • Commit to participate in at least one advocacy initiative per month.
  • Engage in Collective Communication to provide feedback and updates on your agency’s activities in support of our collective ECE endeavors.

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