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 A Story. A Song. An Activity.


Come join our virtual library every First Friday as we read a children's literary classic and do a lesson activities together. Children, parents, and providers welcome!




First Friday - Read Along Book "The Bad Mood" by Book by Moritz Petz

Use this month’s story as an opportunity to start a conversation about mood as Badger’s experiences show the power of cultivating mindfulness during our interactions with others. Children, parents, and caregivers can all learn what to do when experiencing a “bad mood” sensation.


First Fridays - Freeze Dance Learning Activity

“Freeze Dancing”

Move Your Body, Shift Your Mood

Let’s combine music and movement to see how incorporating playful physical activity can influence mental and emotional well-being!

The rules seem simple, but find out if they are difficult or easy for your children to follow Turn up the music, move your bodies and DANCE… then, when the music stops, everybody FREEZE!


Sing-Along: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Turn it up, sing, and dance along as we discover how outlook impacts mood!





First Friday - Read Along Book "Black is a Rainbow Color" by Angela Joy

Join us as we read "Black is a Rainbow Color" by Angela Joy. It is Black History Month, and we are celebrating this month with this beautiful picture book by Angela Joy. It’s a powerful celebration of being Black through the eyes and voice of a child. The illustrations by Ekua Holmes are bright and vibrant and captures the essence of the book.


First Fridays - Black Rainbow Color Art

Get ready for a fun-packed activity that can be extended for multiple days with your children. We will be drawing inspiration from the art in "Black is a Rainbow Color" to create our very own works of art incorporating Black AND Rainbow Colors. Here's what you will need:

  • Liquid watercolor
  • Paint brushes
  • White paper
  • Black glue

Activity Hack
Purchase black glue or mix up your own by using clear school glue and black non-toxic children’s paint.


Sing-Along: “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black” by Nina Simone

Introduce children to this classic anthem that serves to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the beauty and brilliance of Black culture.

“In the whole world you know, there’s a million boys and girls who are young, gifted, and black.  And that’s a fact!”




First Friday - Read Along Book "What The Road Said" by Cleo Wade

Which way do I go? Where does the path lead? What if I go the wrong way? This month’s story reminds both children and adults that although we may never truly know where the road will lead, the choices along the path (both right and wrong) are ours to make. The key is in remembering to just keep going, taking one day at a time. Theme: Creating and Following Your Own Path


First Fridays - Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity

Grab your sidewalk chalk and head outdoors to create a group chalk mural as children design, draw, and learn to follow their own path.

*Sensory Hack*

Cover the chalk with masking tape, or provide a chalk holder for children who find the sensory feel of chalk off-putting.


Sing-Along: Ease on Down the Road The Wiz Soundtrack Universal Pictures

Turn up the music and dance along with this playful, upbeat reminder to keep moving forward as you learn to take one step at a time, stay on the path of your choice, and ease on down the road!





First Friday - Read Along Book "Color Dance" by Ann Jonas

Come join our virtual library event for a special children’s literary adventure as we culminate our full second year of bringing you monthly First Fridays! We are so thankful to all of you who enjoy our content and share it with your children at home or in your child care facilities. 

This month we are reading Color Dance, a joyful celebration of color and movement. Minimal text explains that many colors are the products of the three primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. A note explains that red can appear in a variety of shades. Emphasizing the color concepts, each color word is printed in the color it describes throughout the book. This vigorous, fresh approach to color will be welcomed by picture-book lovers, and storytime groups as well.


First Fridays - Bubble Wrap Painting Activity

Bubble Wrap Painting

Join us for this fun bubble wrap painting activity as we experiment with primary and secondary colors! You will need… 

  • White Paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Non-toxic Children’s Paint (red, yellow, blue)


Sing-Along: Three Primary Colors - Sesame StreetOK Go

This catchy tune provides a fun and color introduction to the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) while also giving children a visual of what happens when the colors mix to make the three secondary colors (orange, green, and purple).




First Friday - Read Along Book "Counting Kindness" by Hollis Kurman

From one boat helping us on our way to ten friends making us happy, “Counting Kindness” captures the key moments of a refugee family’s journey to their new home. This timely, graceful counting book offers a compassionate introduction to the struggles and triumphs of refugees, while highlighting ten simple ways we can share kindness with others. Children, parents, and providers all welcome.


First Fridays - Show and Share Kindness Chain Link Activity

Show and Share Kindness

Chain Link Activity

Join us for this simple activity to spread kindness throughout your home, school, and community.  Let’s share kindness with others and show gratitude for the kindness shown to us each day!

World Kindness Day is Sunday, November 13th

How many ways can you show and share kindness

Sing-Along: Pentatonix Counts fo Five

Members of the group Pentatonix use their voices as instruments Listen and sing along as they count the ways in which we are all connected, while reminding us that even when there is no music, we can blend our voices together in harmony to create a symphony




First Friday - Read Along Book "Listen" by Gabi Snyder

The world is a busy place.

But what if you stopped, closed your eyes, and LISTENED?  This month’s story invites readers to become intentional about slowing down enough to not only hear each sound, but to also learn how to listen past the noise and hear the quiet, too. Children, parents, and providers all welcome.


First Friday - Three Ways to Explore Sound

Three Ways to Explore Sound

Let’s take a sound walk… create a sound garden…or re-create the sounds from the story’s illustrations! How many sounds can you discover?


Sing-Along: Cee-Roo - City Sounds

Play the song to reinforce this month’s story and activity by taking a look (and listen)…




First Friday - “Dreamers" Read Along

The author and illustrator of this month’s story shares some of her unique first experiences after migrating from Mexico to the United States. Her use of colorful words and beautiful drawings help “paint the picture” for readers while reinforcing the power of books and storytelling. Children, parents, and providers all welcome.


First Friday - “Bringing Storytelling to Life" Learning Activity

Bringing Storytelling to Life

w/ “Brown Paper Bag” Stories

We each have a unique story to tell, and we can learn new things about one another when we share our unique stories!  For our youngest learners this can begin with hand drawings or illustrations.  Check out how we used simple brown paper bags to showcase how creative and unique each of our stories can be.  Everyone has a story… what is yours?


Sing-Along: The Library Song | What’s New Today (Sesame Studios)

The Library! The library is where you go to read books, magazines, hear stories, or listen to music! The library has so many great things that it makes us want to sing! Sing along to this awesome library jam!





First Friday - "El Cucuy Is Scared, Too! " Reading

Ramon can’t sleep because he is nervous the night before his first day at a new school.  After a conversation with El Cucuy, the monster who lives in Ramon’s cactus pot, Ramon discovers that… El Cucuy is scared, too!  This gentle story explores the worries that accompany moving to a new place and beginning a new journey.  It reveals how comfort, bravery, and strength can be found through even the most unexpected of friendships. Children, parents, and providers are all welcome.


First Friday - “Melt Away Your Worries" Learning Activity

“Melt Away Your Worries” 

w/ Kitchen Science

Children have worries too!

Let’s use things we already have (ice, water, salt) to start a conversation about identifying our fears and/or worries while introducing children to strategies they can use to confront and “melt” their future worries away.


Sing-Along: “Cielito Lindo”

Turn up this traditional song of Mexico as a reminder to “Sing, don’t cry”… 




First Friday - "Layla's Happiness" Reading

Come join our virtual library event for a special children’s literary adventure! Climbing a tree, wearing purple, and eating spaghetti without a fork. These are things that bring Layla happiness. Follow along with us this summer to ask, explore, and discover... What is happiness for you? Children, parents, and providers are all welcome.


First Friday - “Summer Happiness Bucket List Challenge" Learning Activity

Bucket List Challenge

The weather is warmer, the days feel longer, and school is out for the summer! Making Homemade Playdough... Creating Chalk Art Murals... Blowing Bubbles... Watching the sun set... Let's make a list of all of the fun things we would like to experience before the season changes to Fall!


Summer Song for Kids

The Singing Walrus

Turn up the music and dance along as this month's song gets children thinking about their Summer plans with the simple prompt...

What do you like to do in the summer?





First Friday - "The ABCs of Black History" Reading

This month’s story “The ABC’s of Black History” provides a glimpse into the many contributions of Black Americans while reminding readers that Black History is not limited to 28 days in February.


First Friday - “J is for Juneteenth” Juneteenth Celebratory Activity

Juneteenth Celebratory Activity 

Bring children, families, and your local community together by hosting your very own Juneteenth celebration! Check out our Learning Activity for four things to consider when planning your Juneteenth celebration: the conversation, the setting, the music, and the food!

J is for Juneteenth… How will you celebrate?


Sesame Street: Let's Celebrate Juneteenth Song Power of We Club

It’s Juneteenth! Each year on June 19th we gather to reflect on the past and share hope for today. Join Gordon and the Power of We club to celebrate the day when many enslaved African Americans learned of their freedom long ago.




First Friday - "I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness" Reading

This month’s story introduces mindfulness and deep breathing to assist children with self-regulation strategies to use during moments of stress. Children, parents, and providers are all welcome.


First Friday - "I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness" Activity

“Float or Sink?” 

Play Provocation Space

Use what you have to facilitate this inquiry based approach
to exploring density, weight/weightlessness and buoyancy.
Discover what will float and what will sink…


Safe and Calm for Children - Children Meditation Song - The Learning Station

Stop. Take a Moment. Take a Breath.

Then share this short guided meditation song with children for a calming experience 


Want to Watch More? Click this link to go to our YouTube Playlist for First Fridays!